Chelmsford and 100 years of broadcasting

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 The famous hut in Writtle where 2MT – and broadcasting - was born
– now relocated to Chelmsford’s Sandford Mill Museum

Munich's ideal example?




  Hylands Park has been carving itself out a role as a substantial venue for hire since 1996, and put to an annual test by the logistics of the V concerts each August. Although that run ceased in 2017, and no replacement is planned. Even more reason to support this project!

Chelmsford can now create a permanent “destination” grade attraction based on the global appreciation of the Marconi Company and its many pioneering achievements.

A single site location to gather the peripatetic elements of the various Chelmsford Museum collections in one place would be an important part of converting diverse elements into a single marketable attraction.

The former water treatment plant at Sandford Mill (presently part of the CCC Museeum remit and housing the famous Writtle Hut, is under development consideration for mostly housing and leisure, and subject to a design excercise with Writtle Universeity College...

The aim of the project is to develop an interlinked and resilient blue/green infrastructure. It will serve the City of Chelmsford’s river systems and wider ecological assets whilst supporting the City’s sustainable development. The Council would like to repurpose Sandford Mill as a visitor destination for the region.

However, the 2022 event - and Chelmsford, as it seeks to establish an identity worthy of a city - deserves a more ambitious approach.  I have been very impressed by a visit to the Deutsches Museum Verkehrszentrum in Munich.

This is an ideal model for the type of museum and facilities (restaurants, presentation, meetings areas etc) that would be suited for "Marconi's World of Worelesss".  It is a celebration of German motoring and transport heritage and well supported by BMW, Audi and Mercedes. It is a “subject specific” satellite of the general Deutches Museum – begging he question of the UK Science Museum’s modus operandi – and other media-related exhibitions.

It occupies a modest site of 37k sq m (9.1 acres) leaving Hylands with 490 acres for other purposes, like a commercial science park and university campus faculty?

Whilst the design is not exactly “Modern Essex Vernacular” , it would fit well without a major redesign. (It even has some echoes of the Chelmer Retail park, but I don't hold that against it!)




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